Our process

Our approach to work gives your business an enduring and sustaining identity crafted by dedicated professionals. Here’s how we’ll make it happen.

The first step is to call or email us. Tell us about your idea and what you’d like us to do to make it burst into life. We’ll get back to you with some suggestions, and an obligation-free quote.

Once you’re happy and give us the go-ahead, we’ll get to work by gaining an insight into your strategies, approach, markets and competition to make sure your unique voice rises above the chatter.

Then we take a step back. Search for what the competition aren’t doing. Look for more effective ways to deliver your message to your market. Our main intention is to put your communication materials to work in ways that differentiate you and your offering. What you do is special, and with simple and clear presentation we’ll make it obvious why.

We’re fine craftspeople at heart, and the production stages are where we get to apply our skills. This is when we lock the doors and knuckle down, powering towards the high quality finish that we bring to every project.

Evaluation completes the cycle. We’re constantly listening to your feedback, and the messages you get from your market. We’re here to support you in responding to those messages, making your offering an even better fit for the people who rely on you.

The making of the Flat Rock studio

The making of the Flat Rock studio

The benefits of a close working relationship

By building a strong, long-term working relationship with you we can consistently deliver exceptional work.

We’re used to working with all sorts of organisations – government, micro businesses, NGOs, marketing departments – so whoever you are we’re able to adapt to suit your team’s strengths and your budgetary constraints.

You get personal service and great work from people who care about the success of your project. And because we’re a small agency, you’ll only ever be a phone call away from direct contact with our senior creative and technical talent. No suits.

We keep our client list tight so we can stay deeply involved in every project, and provide ongoing support for your campaigns.

As for the stereotype of the flaky designer who couldn’t meet a deadline if it was having coffee across the road, forget it. At Studio Outside, your work is completed on budget and on time. Every time.

Finally, we consider it our duty to challenge your thinking. Our clients tell us that our methods and creative process have brought huge benefits to other areas of their organisations.

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