The Studio Outside difference

“OK, so you guys carried a photocopier to the edge of a cliff. Why else should I choose you over other agencies?”

If our bulging biceps aren’t enough of a unique selling point for you, these five factors are what we think make us stand out from the rest of the too-wussy-to-carry-heavy-office-equipment bunch.

1. You get direct access to a senior designer, senior copywriter and senior web developer.

For over ten years we’ve been giving our clients the kind of personal attention that bad brands don’t get. We believe that every client we take on has a unique story, and to tell that story requires fine craftsmanship and a passionate dedication to doing the best work we can. It’s an immersive approach that keeps us fresh, creative, and grateful to be doing what we do.

2. We listen to you and learn about your business.

We don’t start creating until we understand what makes you and your customers tick. Take it as our guarantee that we’ll give you a brand or website that’s designed and built from the ground up, with a place for everything and everything in its place.

3. We make to measure.

We don’t use cheap and cheesy templates that make your brand look identical to a thousand others. Some people want the bargain bin. We say, if your identity isn’t unique and tailor-made to fit you – then it’s not your identity.

4. We’re not just web designers.

We’re traditionally trained and experienced in all aspects of branding – graphic design, print production, hardcore persuasion (aka copywriting), and editorship. Which means we can make things smooth for you by providing a consistent high quality service across all aspects of your brand communications. But we’ve been creating websites since the 90s too.

5. We carry the photocopier back as well.

Every business in the world feels the need to beat you over the head with their environmental credentials. Not us. We just say this: we manhandled a 75 kg photocopier to the edge of a cliff in the name of art, and didn’t think for a second that flinging it off the edge would be easier than carrying it back.