Meet the Outsiders

Your relationship with your creative agency is a critical one for the success of your business. We’re ready to make it a long term affair. We keep our client list tight so we can stay deeply involved in every project, and provide ongoing support for your campaigns.

Key team members:

  • Duncan Grant

    Creative Director, graphic designer, web strategist

    Studio Outside’s director is a fanatical proponent of ceaseless creativity and smart design. With a decade and a half in graphic design and web strategy behind him, Duncan has the skills and professional experience to take your good idea and propel it into the spotlight.

    Duncan has worked at the cutting edge of graphic design for 17 years, providing forward-thinking organisations like yours with a consistent and engaging brand experience, both online and offline.

    In the 1990s as a graduate fresh out of university, Duncan helped sports and adventure publishers pioneer ways to establish a strong presence in the nascent world of the internet. In a world before blogs and social media, this meant developing new ways to engage readers beyond paper.

    Fast forward to today, Duncan is still pushing the envelope in digital and print with his passion for visual communication to deliver compelling brand experiences for Studio Outside’s clients.

    Duncan has traversed Australia and the globe working in agencies in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Leeds (UK). Along the way he’s worked with brands big and small, in a broad range of sectors from theatre to tourism, finance to food.

    Duncan believes that the nuances of visual identity and messaging are key to building trust with markets. A consistent image is worth nothing if you haven’t inspired your audience from their first touchpoint.

    “In a world of increasing sensory ‘noise’, our job is to cut through that with a meaningful experience for the end-user – experiences of your brand, of your ideas and vision. This gives the end-user powerful reasons to take action. Getting it right requires a heartfelt effort from a small creative team who understand your business and the needs of your audience. With a shared vision, stability, and our evolutionary framework of Fresh Air Thinking, your brand will remain consistently fresh, relevant and engaging.”

    In his spare time you’ll find Duncan rockclimbing, volunteering with the NSW Rural Fire Service, or planning the next adventure with his family.

    If it’s time to reinvigorate your brand and inspire your
    markets, call Duncan for a chat: (02) 4782 4779.

  • David Stott

    Copywriter, typo Terminator, fresh air thinker. 

    David’s our go-to man when you need clear, concise and compelling copy that will attract more clients and boost your business.

    David brings a wealth of creative and editorial experience in the publishing field. A seasoned author and journalist, David provides content and editorial services to some of Australia’s highest-ranked niche websites, and has written for major print media on topics including travel, sustainability, green living, yoga and photography.

    After 12 years of delighting the editors at National Geographic and other mags with his crisp and quirky copy, David has taken his compulsive need to know a topic inside out and obsessive quality control standards and put them to work for our clients.

    David thrives on the challenge of finding the most powerful way to give your message its full impact. He thrives on the thrill of getting to know a new audience inside and out, learning what makes them tick, and which signals get them to respond.

    “In a world where content is king, the right words can mean the difference between clinching a deal and watching your business flounder. Quality copy is the catalyst that turns browsers into buyers.”

    Away from the dim glow of his laptop screen, David can be found tramping along Blue Mountains bush tracks with a small child on his shoulders, attempting to turn sandstone into viable veggie growing soil, and dreaming of his next trip to India.

    Email David today at to start putting your message across with engaging, professional writing.

  • Sally_1558Sally Grant

    Illustrator, graphic designer, maker, fresh air thinker

    A passionate image maker and communicator, Sally expresses patience, technique, reflection and vision, which shine through not only in her work,  but in the atmosphere of calm she imbues into our studio practice.

    Sally’s illustrations reach beyond words to communicate messages in simple and engaging ways. She applies the same skills when visualising and assessing concepts for client work. “Is the message sound, and does it ring true in the final work?”

    Sally has BA (Hons) Illustration and is completing a Psychology masters, furthering her understanding of what makes people tick.

    This blend of commerce, art and psychology practice gives Sally a fresh and meaningful perspective on every project.

    In her spare time you will find Sally teaching others creative thinking, art and illustration, or sewing her own craft utopia.


  • Duncan Crombie

    Web developer, programmer, web host with the most.

    Duncan, a.k.a Chirp Internet, has been our web development partner since 2005, saving our clients money and hassle by being the rock-solid technical wall upon which all of Studio Outside’s creative work can hang.

    A programmer for 25 years, Duncan built his first website in 1995, and has become a passionate advocate of open source software. As well as teaching us how to use words like “periculous” and “coruscating”, he speaks several magical code languages, including PHP, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, XML and UNIX/Linux among others.

    Duncan relishes a challenge, and he’s never happier than when sharpening his skills on building a brand new custom add-on for one of our clients. If you can dream it, he can probably make it happen on a screen: in recent projects Duncan has created customised content management systems (CMS), secure online applications, advanced Google Maps integrations and e-commerce solutions.

    The consummate web host, Duncan is committed to giving you access to advanced traffic analysis programs so that you can see exactly who is using your site, including enhanced Webalizer reports and our own Search Engine Traffic reports.

    In his spare time, you’ll find Duncan roaming the hills of Eastern Europe and the canyons of the Twittersphere. Follow him @theartofweb.

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