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❝ If your logo could say one thing about
your enterprise, what would it be? ❞

Your logo will express the most enduring message about your enterprise. We’ll help you refine that message, and express it in the most powerful way possible. We’ll also assist with naming and tag-lines to make your offering as clear as day.

In our experience, when people start to think about business identity and branding, the first thing they think of is a logo. It is a key piece of the identity puzzle, but a piece nonetheless.

A logo design is usually undertaken in the broader process of designing a Visual Identity and conceiving a Brand Strategy. With this broad vision, the important values of the company or organisation will be expressed appropriately across your entire suite of marketing and communications materials.

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Logo designs

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The Glue Factory logo design

The Glue Factory is a drop-in community service for young people. Management needed a logo that would appeal to young people and present a professional image to their partners and funding bodies.

Given a potentially controversial name, our challenge was to create a logo that would convey the idea “the glue that binds”. The final design combines a youthful sense of fun and rebellion with a bright, glossy, professional presentation. An important consideration in design was how the logo would look as signage on Glue’s premises. The colour and glossy look creates a nice contrast with the rough facade of the building.


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