Our approach – Fresh Air Thinking

Our clients rely on us for creative work that surprises, delights and gets results. Three little words keep us on track.

All good tag lines express a core truth that sets the spiritual compass of an organisation and galvanises its workers to perform at their best.

Fresh Air Thinking is our mantra – a statement of intent, an anchor that keeps us mindful throughout the creative process, and a pre-departure safety check that ensures you’re getting great creative work that solves your problems.

Keeping it real

We know how easy it is to lose perspective when you’re hard at work trying to solve a problem. Researching. Imagining ideas that might work. Developing the good ones and ditching the duds.

We love getting lost down the rabbit hole as much as anyone. Fresh Air Thinking is how we pop back up to the surface – each time to a viewpoint that’s clearer than the one we had before.

A strategic approach

Fresh Air Thinking keeps our sights firmly fixed on your vision, the needs of your audience, and your goals, so that every piece of work we do for you is consistently ‘on-brand’ and on target.

Fresh Air Thinking is about keeping in touch with the Beginner Mind, which sees many possible solutions to a problem and remembers that the old ones are not necessarily the best. Does your product or project have to be advertised the way everybody else does it? How can we tweak and twist your brand strategy, design and copywriting to give you an edge your competitors lack?

Uniquely yours

We don’t bring a designer ego with the latest trend or gimmick. To differentiate you from your peers and clearly communicate what makes your offering special, everything we create for you needs to be uniquely yours and uniquely in tune with your organisation’s needs and markets.

It’s also about humour and good nature – keeping your market on their toes, engaged, smiling and inspired.

Every touchpoint you make with a customer or other target group is an opportunity. Their experience leaves an expectation and a belief about your organisation and your brand and is the start or continuation of their journey with you. To get it right we spend the time to get to know your people and what makes them smile.

Our creative approach gives your organisation or project an enduring and sustaining identity, backed up by communication materials that inspire action.

High quality design and copy – exactly when you need it.

Fresh Air Thinking

Fresh Air Thinking

Ideas that judge our work:

Does it have instant appeal?

Does it inspire the right response?

Does it have longevity, so it will help sustain the thing/agenda/message/brand?

Does it satisfy, or better, does it exceed the brief with added value?

“It sounds like you guys have done your homework. So what’s the process then?”
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