Brand Identity

❝ Get people to identify with your project. ❞


Savvy farmers long ago discovered the secret of business success: foster a reputation for giving brilliant products and service, and be so consistent that your customers instinctively expect great things from you.

To turn those expectations into something you could see and feel, they employed artists to create unique and recognisable brand marks. And then, because farmers are bastards (source), they burned those marks into cows.

At Studio Outside, we’re committed to creating highly evolved brands that go way beyond logos and hot metal.

To our clients, we promise a complete and consistent identity that communicates the things that matter about your brand – wherever your customers encounter it.

Case study

Rethinking how two caravan parks fit
into the Blue Mountains experience.

Blue Mountains Tourist Parks brand identity

Blue Mountains City Council enlisted us to rebrand their two caravan parks.

Client aims: Reposition the parks due to upgrades to facilities. Increase visitation in the cooler months and increase length of stay. The client reports that these have been achieved with great success.

Solutions: The online presence was a key element in the marketing strategy. To ‘put all eggs in one basket’ we united the parks under one name with sub-branding for each park. This makes it easier to capture and channel customers to the type of experience they’re looking for.

Services rendered: Brand strategy, naming, logos, visual identity, sales copywriting, website, photography, map illustration, advertising, print materials.

The brand toolbox

Logo design

We can create your new logo from scratch, or breathe new life into a logo that’s seen better days. Your logo becomes a cornerstone of your brand – but it’s not the whole story.

Visual identity

Shapes, typefaces, patterns, illustration and photography – from the fonts and images that grace your website to the quality of the paper you put in your stakeholders’ hands, every detail combines to shape your identity.

Words & voice

Good looks mean nothing if you don’t speak with confidence and clarity. We can make your message stick with a punchy tag line, and give your business a compel tone of voice that shines through in every communiqué.

Customer Experiences

When a customer makes contact with your brand, you only have seconds to crash through their defences and win their hearts and minds. We create experiences that keep all eyes on your message.

True colours shining through

Colours send out powerful emotional messages that directly affect how people perceive your brand. We’ll give you a colour palette tailored to your message, so you can be confident you’re sending the right signals.


That mysterious, extra-special something that defies analysis – even we can’t always put our finger on it. All we know is that when it all comes together, your brand has the power to make even the biggest competitors tremble.

Case study

Photographic style is key to Charlotte Pass’ brand.


What is the process for making a brand?

The strongest brands know why they do what they do, and that resonates through everything they communicate.

Whether you have an existing brand or just a great business idea, the first question is always the same:

“What do we want customers – or clients, stakeholders or staff – to value about this brand?”

It might be integrity. It might be reliability, luxury, or safety. It might be fun and a wicked sense of humour.

This question raises other questions. ‘Who are your customers?’ and ‘How and where do they like to engage with you?’ In consultation with you, we’ll get to the bottom of these questions.

The answers become the cornerstones of our brief for the design and copywriting – and they’ll also inform your own way forward, as you work out exactly how to do the things that make your enterprise and your brand exceptional.

The 3 Stages of Building Your Brand

Stage One – Brand Identity Profile
“Getting on the same page and imagining the brand”
Through consultation and research, a vision for your brand will emerge. We prepare a briefing document for Stage Two which later becomes a complete profile of your brand.

Stage Two – Creative
Logo Design, Visual Identity Design & Copywriting
Services may include: naming, tag-lines, illustration, photography.

Stage Three – Implementation
Copywriting, design and production of your website and advertising materials.

Keen to know more about our creative methods and process? Go have a read about the Studio Outside difference.

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